Rogier van der Weyden

Rogier van der Weyden
Years of life: 1399 – 1464
Artist's Teachers: Robert Campin (?)
Art Movement: Northern Renaissance
Painting School: Flemish School, Antwerp School
Genre: Portrait , Religious
Country: Netherlands
Century: XV

He was one of the greatest and most influential northern painters of his day. Since 1435th the artist lived in Brussels, where he had a large studio and worked for the city council.

Van der Weyden brought traditional Christian presence closer to everyday life. The meticulous detail of cloths, clothes, fingernails, and hair; faces drawn from life; anecdotal detail creates an illusion of reality. But the stiff poses, cramped spaces, and static expressions are wholly unreal. It is the tension that draws the eye so magnetically into the drama and the serious aspiration of the religious message itself an interplay of the real and unreal.

Note the portraits by van der Weyden’s brush with many beautifully painted details, including especially the fingernails, knuckles, red-rimmed eyes, and stitches on clothing. Notice how the artist uses gestures and facial expressions and poses that are appropriate to the emotion expressed, showing tear-streaked faces and an understanding of grief; observe how one figure echoes the poses and gestures of another, as if in emotional sympathy. He adopted a softer, more relaxed style after 1450, Italian influence after a visit to Rome.

Rogier van der Weyden’s major works are St. Luke Drawing the Virgin, 15th century (St. Petersburg: Hermitage Museum); Descent from the Cross, c. 1435 (Madrid: Museo del Prado); Triptych: The Crucifixion, c. 1440 (Vienna: Kunsthistorisches Museum); Francesco d’Este, c. 1455 (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art); Portrait of a Lady, c. 1455 (Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art).


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  • Portrait of Charles the Bold


    Portrait of Charles the Bold   •  1460

  • Portrait of a Man (Guillaume Fillastre?)


    Portrait of a Man (Guillaume Fillastre?)   •  1440s

  • Portrait of a Man


    Portrait of a Man   •  1450

  • Portrait of Antony of Burgundy


    Portrait of Antony of Burgundy   •  1461

  • Portrait of a Lady


    Portrait of a Lady   •  1455

  • Portrait of a Young Woman in a Pinned Hat


    Portrait of a Young Woman in a Pinned Hat   •  1435

  • Philippe de Croy


    Philippe de Croy   •  1460

  • Philip the Good


    Philip the Good   •  1450

  • Portrait Diptych of Laurent Froimont (right wing)


    Portrait Diptych of Laurent Froimont (right wing)  •  1460

  • Portrait of Pierre de Bauffremont

    between 1455 and 1460

    Portrait of Pierre de Bauffremont  •  between 1455 and 1460

  • The Last Judgment Polyptych (detail)


    The Last Judgment Polyptych (detail)  •  1446-1452

  • Isabella of Portugal


    Isabella of Portugal   •  1450

  • Seven Sacraments Altarpiece

    between 1445 and 1450

    Seven Sacraments Altarpiece  •  between 1445 and 1450

  • Portrait of a Woman


    Portrait of a Woman   •  1464

  • A Man Reading (Saint Ivo?)


    A Man Reading (Saint Ivo?)  •  1450

  • St Luke Drawing a Portrait of the Madonna


    St Luke Drawing a Portrait of the Madonna   •  1435-1440

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