Robert Campin (Master of Flemalle)

Robert Campin (Master of Flemalle)
Years of life: 1378 – 1444
Artist's students: Rogier van der Weyden, Jacques Daret
Art Movement: Northern Renaissance
Painting School: Flemish School
Genre: Portrait , Religious
Country: Italy
Century: XV

About the life of this shadowy artist, who is considered as one of the founders of the Netherlandish School, almost nothing is known. Attributions are rare and speculative

Kampen’s devotional altarpieces and portraits are painted with the concentrated intensity that you get in a diminishing mirror. Virgin and Christ child are shown as down-to-earth people in everyday settings.

Kampen uses light to isolate objects; the odd perspective is worked out experimentally, not scientifically. Use a magnifying glass to examine the extraordinarily fine detail; don’t forget to look out of his windows at what is happening in the street. Objects and details usually contain or imply much complex symbolism.

Robert Campin’s major works are Entombment, c. 1420 (Private Collection); A Woman, c. 1430 (London: National Gallery); The Virgin and Child before a Firescreen, c. 1430 (London: National Gallery); St. Barbara, 1438 (Madrid: Museo del Prado).


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  • The Annunciation


    The Annunciation   •  1430

  • Triptych with the Entombment of Christ


    Triptych with the Entombment of Christ   •  1415

  • Donor and Saint John the Baptist


    Donor and Saint John the Baptist  •  1438

  • Saint John the Baptist


    Saint John the Baptist  •  1415

  • Virgin and Child


    Virgin and Child   •  1410

  • The Marriage of the Virgin


    The Marriage of the Virgin   •  1428

  • Portrait of Marie de Pacy


    Portrait of Marie de Pacy  •  1425

  • Portrait of Barthelemy Alatruye


    Portrait of Barthelemy Alatruye   •  1425

  • The Deposition


    The Deposition   •  1448-1465

  • Mass of Saint Gregory


    Mass of Saint Gregory  •  1440

  • Portrait of a Woman


    Portrait of a Woman   •  1430

  • Portrait of a Man


    Portrait of a Man   •  1430

  • The Mérode Altarpiece

    1425 - 1428

    The Mérode Altarpiece   •  1425 - 1428

  • Man in Prayer


    Man in Prayer  •  1435

  • Holy Virgin in Glory


    Holy Virgin in Glory   •  1430

  • Portrait of a Fat Man


    Portrait of a Fat Man   •  1440

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