Petrus Christus

Petrus Christus
Years of life: 1444 – 1472
Artist's Teachers: Jan van Eyck
Art Movement: Northern Renaissance
Painting School: Dutch School
Genre: Portrait , Religious
Country: Flanders , Netherlands
Century: XV

He was a major underrated painter from Bruges, a follower of van Eyck, and influenced by van der Weyden. His small-scale religious works and portraits are organized and painted with meticulous detail. Notice Christus’s interest in space and light: liked deep space; placed figures in the corners of rooms to suggest both space and intimacy. Christus was the first northern painter to understand and use the Italian single-point perspective.

Petrus Christus’s major works are The Man of Sorrows, mid-15th century (Birmingham, UK: Museums and Art Gallery); Edward Grimston, 1446 (London: National Gallery); The Last Judgment, 1452 (Berlin: Staatliche Museum); Virgin and Child with Sts. Jerome and Francis, 1457 (Frankfurt: Städelsches Kunstinstitut); A Young Lady,c. 1470 (Berlin: Staatliche Museum).


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  • A Goldsmith in his Shop


    A Goldsmith in his Shop  •  1449

  • Annunciation


    Annunciation  •  1450

  • A Donator


    A Donator  •  1445

  • Pietà


    Alternative title: The lamentation of Christ

    Pietà  •  1435-1450

  • Nativity


    Nativity  •  1452

  • Isabella of Portugal with Saint Elisabeth

    between 1457 and 1460

    Isabella of Portugal with Saint Elisabeth   •  between 1457 and 1460

  • The Last Judgment


    The Last Judgment   •  1452

  • The Annunciation


    The Annunciation  •  1452

  • The Lamentation


    The Lamentation  •  1472-1473

  • The Virgin and Child in a gothic interior


    The Virgin and Child in a gothic interior  •  1460

  • Portrait of a Carthusian


    Portrait of a Carthusian   •  1446

  • Portrait of a Young Woman


    Portrait of a Young Woman   •  1470

  • The Nativity


    The Nativity  •  1465

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