Paolo Veronese

Paolo Veronese

Self-portrait, between 1558 and 1563

Years of life: 1528 – 1588
Art Movement: Mannerism (Late Renaissance)
Painting School: Venetian School
Genre: Portrait , Religious , Mythology
Country: Italy
Century: XVI

Paolo Caliari, is from Verona, hence his middle name. The greatest representative of the Venetian school. Don’t look for deep meaning or serious feelings in his works; let your eye have a feast. Pay attention to the illusionistic tricks and remember that these works were designed for a specific interior.

Look for the posh people (actually his clients) surrounded by servants, rich materials, and fancy classy, look at the faces. Have they become bored by too much good living and leisure?. These are the last happy days for the Venetian Empire. Isn’t that why dogs and other animals often seem more alive than people? The Madonnas or gods he portrays are no more than Venetian nobility.

Paolo Veronese’s major works are Allegory of Love, I (Unfaithfulness), c. 1570s (London: National Gallery); The Finding of Moses, c. 1570–75 (Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art).


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  • Perseus Freeing Andromeda

    Perseus Freeing Andromeda

  • The Wedding Feast at Cana


    The Wedding Feast at Cana   •  1563

  • Cephalus and Procris

    between 1580 and 1582

    Cephalus and Procris   •  between 1580 and 1582

  • Battle of Lepanto


    Battle of Lepanto   •  1572

  • Portrait of a Young Man Wearing Lynx Fur


    Portrait of a Young Man Wearing Lynx Fur  •  1560

  • Portrait of a Woman with a Child and a Dog


    Portrait of a Woman with a Child and a Dog   •  1540s

  • Portrait of Alessandro Vittoria


    Portrait of Alessandro Vittoria   •  1575

  • Portrait of architect Vincenzo Scamozzi (1548-1616)


    Portrait of architect Vincenzo Scamozzi (1548-1616)  •  1585

  • Sultan Mohammed II. (1451 - 1481)

    between 1528 and 1588

    Sultan Mohammed II. (1451 - 1481)   •  between 1528 and 1588

  • Self-portrait

    between 1558 and 1563

    Self-portrait   •  between 1558 and 1563

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