Domenico Veneziano

Domenico Veneziano
Years of life: 1400 – 1461
Artist's Teachers: Gentile da Fabriano (?)
Art Movement: Early Renaissance
Painting School: Florentine School
Genre: Religious
Country: Italy
Century: XV

This artist was a famous and influential Venetian painter who worked in Florence. Almost nothing is known about his life, only a few of his works have survived. In painting, he was more interested in constructing with light and color than with modeled form and perspective.

Domenico Veneziano’s major works are St. John in the Desert, c. 1445 (Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art); The Martyrdom of St. Lucy, c. 1445–48 (Berlin: Staatliche Museum).


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  • The Annunciation


    The Annunciation   •  1445

  • Adoration of the Magi


    Adoration of the Magi   •  1435

  • Madonna and Child

    between 1435 and 1437

    Madonna and Child   •  between 1435 and 1437

  • A Miracle of Saint Zenobius


    A Miracle of Saint Zenobius  •  1445

  • St John in the Wilderness


    St John in the Wilderness   •  1445

  • The Madonna and Child with Saints


    The Madonna and Child with Saints   •  1445

  • Matteo Olivieri (?)


    Matteo Olivieri (?)  •  1430s

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