Bartolommeo Manfredi

Bartolommeo Manfredi
Years of life: 1582 – 1622
Artist's Teachers: Caravaggio
Artist's students: Gerard Seghers
Art Movement: Baroque
Painting School: Caravaggisti
Genre: Portrait , Religious , Still-life , Mythology
Country: Italy
Century: XVII

Little-known artist. Painted decadent everyday scenes, mythological and religious pictures. Preferred allegorical themes based on conflict. He painted in a more rough and ready manner than Caravaggio, but deftly copied his lighting effects and foreshortens the action so the viewer feels an accomplice to the scene. Together with other Caravaggisti, particularly Valentin, he influenced artists from northern countries working in Rome, such as Hontthorst and Terbrugghen.

Bartolommeo Manfredi’s major works are Cupid Chastized, 1610 (Art Institute of Chicago); Allegory of the Four Seasons, c. 1610 (Ohio: Dayton Art Institute); Cain Murdering Abel, c. 1610 (Vienna: Kunsthistorisches Museum); The Fortune Teller, c. 1610–15 (Detroit Institute of Arts); The Triumph of David, c. 1615 (Paris: Musée du Louvre).


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  • English: Gypsy Fortune Teller


    English: Gypsy Fortune Teller   •  1616

  • Apollo and Marsyas

    second half of 1610s

    Apollo and Marsyas   •  second half of 1610s

  • Lute Playing Young Man


    Lute Playing Young Man   •  1610

  • The Guard Room

    The Guard Room

  • The Denial of St Peter

    between 1615 and 1616

    The Denial of St Peter   •  between 1615 and 1616

  • Tavern Scene with a Lute Player


    Tavern Scene with a Lute Player   •  1621

  • Cain kills Abel


    Cain kills Abel   •  1610

  • Cupid Chastised

    between 1605 and 1610

    Cupid Chastised   •  between 1605 and 1610

  • Bacchus and a Drinker

    between 1600 and 1610

    Bacchus and a Drinker   •  between 1600 and 1610

  • The Triumph of David


    The Triumph of David   •  1615

  • Tribute to Caesar

    from 1610 until 1620

    Tribute to Caesar   •  from 1610 until 1620

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